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Prominent industry status

Deqing Chenye Crystal Fiber Co., Ltd., the production of polycrystalline mullite fiber referred to as (PMF) and various fiber products technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.Product application technology was included in the "Nine.Five" during the "national key projects of scientific and technological achievements promotion project".Products can be widely used in ceramics, electronics, metallurgy, chemical, glass, machinery, aerospace, and other industries of high temperature industrial furnace insulation lining energy saving rate of 10~40%.

Company characteristics

The company operating flexibility, can be designed and developed according to various requirements of users to customize refractory fibre special-shaped pieces. Products are of good quality, exquisite workmanship, custom cycle is short, fast delivery. To meet the needs of customers. By the general customers the consistent high praise.

Manufacturers provides high quality and low price,high cost performance

Superior quality of raw materials cast a higher temperature;Heat conduction is lower,small shrinkage,the quality is very stable,in similar products;Manufacturers direct supply, eliminating the intermediate links, the price is reasonable, low price, high quality.

Gold medal service system

Research and development, design, construction of one-stop services, for your equipment to provide professional, integrated solutions.

About us

DEQING CHENYE CRYSTAL FIBER CO., LTD is a set design, development, production, sales and engineering services in a body's enterprise. In the context of national advocate energy conservation and environmental protection and efficient Create, huzhou city youth entrepreneurship is the first project units. The main products are polycrystalline mullite fiber, polycrystalline alumina fiber, aluminum silicate fiber, alumina fiber, containing zirconium and various kinds of fiber products; Composite fiber Precast block; All fiber furnace box type resistance furnace; High temperature binder, etc.